Thursday, February 16, 2017

All my books are now in print!

Nice news! All of my books that were for Kindle only are now also available in print, in a comfortable, easy-to-carry size. These are "Salutaris," "For the Burnable Cities," "Acquaintance," "The Prodigal's Psalm," "Beethoven's Wife," and "Mount Can't" (written as Anne Arlington).

The novellas "Ferial Day" and "Master Warrick" are together in one print volume: "Ferial Day & Master Warrick: Two Alternative Histories." Yes, the cover says "2," while the listing says "Two." This will be fixed. Until then, searching "Ferial Day & Master Warrick" will bring you to the right place.

"The Scattered Proud" has always been in print as well as for Kindle.

All of the books may be purchased through Amazon.

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